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Sai & Ribatone surfaced in the music circle with their soulful jam,
Sunday Showers, which was undoubtedly one of the biggest songs in the
summer of 2007/8. Taking their music to another level, the duo is back
but this time with a full-length debut album simply entitled, Here and
Now a thumping soul piercing offering.

A journey through the evolution of house music, Sai & Ribatone have
been on the ground massaging music lovers with their skillful musical
touches for a number of years. Talking about the album, Here and Now
has boundless craftsmanship of digital and live music, including
captivating and harmonious vocal magic that are provoking.

Best of both worlds, Sai is an electrifying DJ whose hypnotic track
selection, technique, musical ear and performance has made him a
unique spinner in the game. On the other hand, Ribatone is a fresh,
dynamic musician, a keyboardinist with amazing vocal takes, great song
writing skills and mind blowing producing talent.

Generally, the albums production recipe sounds is fresh and theres
absolutely nothing that can be compared to it. Some of the notable
aspects on this release are phat bass, mellow strings and solid heavy
drum lines. This offering is coming to the market in time when house
music is going through a rapid change and the pair goes all out to
find a perfect sound that helps them showcase their full potential.

Injecting a number of hits, the duo displays unbelievable production
skills on this majestic album. The release is well arranged, mixed and
mastered, with each song being tightly chained to the local club
scene. The piano keys are well placed and it is that easy to note that
whoever is in charge is a skillful pianist.

Here and Now features full of life songs with precious up-tempo feel.
Adding more fuel to the already burning fire, Sai & Ribatone
impressively let the melodies do the talking, which gives their music
that professional stamp. One thing that stands out the most though on
this release is the duos ability to use various musical instruments,
incorporating each sound with interesting beats - building a solid
album with variety of songs to dance to.

One of Sai & Ribatones greatest attributes here is the originality;
their songs showcase African qualities remarkably and they are all
easy to listen to. Let it be said that Here and Now markets the duos
exceptional production talents. This is arguably one of the few best
house albums to be released this year! What a nice proper project to
jam to throughout the Festive season!.

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